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What is much more attention-grabbing is the connection of water presence with theocratic concepts, superstitions, and processes in sacred complexes dedicated to gods with healing powers. Plutarch (Αιτίαι Φυσικαί), Vitruvius , Pliny , and Aristotle express comparable views on the impact of water high quality on human well being . Alcmaeon of Croton, within the first half of the fifth century, was the primary who mentioned that the health of people are very much related to the standard of water , which, in accordance with Vitruvius , was examined by the senses, taste, smell, appearance, and temperature. Tasteless, cool, odorless, and colorless water was thought-about as one of the best, in opposite to stagnant and marshy waters which may be inappropriate resulting in varied diseases. Before the institution of the fashionable Greek nation-state, the hyperlink between historic and modern Greeks was emphasised by the scholars of Greek Enlightenment particularly by Rigas Feraios. In his “Political Constitution”, he addresses to the nation as “the individuals descendant of the Greeks”.

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