The Hellenic Initiative Gala To Lift Funds For Greek Causes

The connection between public health, clear water, and sanitation has been explored since antiquity. Medicine in Classical and Hellenistic times grew to become progressively more based mostly on medical observations and scientific investigations. Before that time advances, medication was entirely confined to non secular beliefs and rituals . Since the sixth century BC, philosophy began to flourish within the Greek cities of the Aegean and the Ionian coast of Asia Minor. The environment was mature enough, and scientific drugs was enabled to be born.

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Chicago’s Very Own source for breaking information, weather, sports and leisure. Also noted was the significance of celebrating the cultural connections throughout continents, which is an important part of the museum’s work. At the National Hellenic Museum, it was a two-day Homer-A-Thon in partnership with the University of Illinois Chicago.


The most widely used symbol is the flag of Greece, which options 9 equal horizontal stripes of blue alternating with white representing the 9 syllables of the Greek national motto Eleftheria i Thanatos , which was the motto of the Greek War of Independence. The blue square within the higher hoist-side corner bears a white cross, which represents Greek Orthodoxy. The Greek flag is widely used by the Greek Cypriots, though Cyprus has officially adopted a neutral flag to ease ethnic tensions with the Turkish Cypriot minority .

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