The Asia Minor And Pontos Hellenic Analysis Middle Amphrc

After all, everyone speaks of “wartime conditions.” So, the economic system must operate as a “wartime economy.” What we’ve been experiencing just isn’t “15 days of enjoyable vacation,” on the finish of which we will all return to things as they have been, as if nothing happened. We are initially of our battle, which is difficult, particularly for the subsequent two months! The coordination of this battle is not undertaken by the Secretariat of Civil Protection, by way of which all public services are managed. Because if we succeed in curbing the spread of the virus, we will give time to the well being system to find a way to address urgent cases. Speaking all the time the language of truth and with the council of specialists as our steady guide. At these moments – where it looks as if time cannot sustain with occasions – I choose to communicate with you more usually.

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