Paul Of Greece

Ipsus proved that no single ruler would management the complete empire, as the others would form alliances to defeat the strongest. It was throughout these wars that Greek armies learned how to use war elephants, turning these historical tanks against each other. The riders of the elephants were at all times from India, because the Greek-speakers could not control the beasts. After the Battle of Hydaspes River, with a good friend in Porus to the west, Alexander wished to continue east to China on his quest of complete world domination, nonetheless, after the hard-fought victory in opposition to Porus, his troops had had sufficient. Many soldiers hadn’t seen their households for ten years, and wanted to return to Greece and Macedonia. Alexander’s military refused to comply with the king any farther east.

Dreams Dojo

Alexander left Egypt behind and headed into the guts of the Persian Empire, decided to defeat Darius once more. In 333 BC, Alexander met a big Persian army led by the Great King, Darius III at Issus. Darius had blamed the loss at Granicus River on the fact that he was not there; this time he would lead his military towards the younger Macedonian king. Alexander all the time led from the entrance of his military, he was the primary to meet the enemy, this gave his military much braveness.

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