Hygiene Technologies, Water, And Well Being Within The Hellenic World

Epaminondas held the Theban right-side again, refusing to battle the Spartan left. The Theban left of 50-men deep pushed the Spartan right, trampling men and killing the Spartan king. Sparta would go on, but this was the end of Sparta as the dominant Greek city-state, and the top of its control over most of the Peloponnese.

Hellenes Overseas

The Carthaginians reappeared and even received possession of the greater a part of town of Syracuse (B.C. 217, after the primary disasters in the Second Punic War, Naples, Paestum, and Syracuse have been foremost within the presents of assist and encouragement to Rome. But the Italian campaigns of Hannibal had been fatal to most of them, and in the subsequent century all but Tarentum, Naples, and Rhegium lost not only materials prosperity, however virtually all traces of Hellenic life.

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