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In 334 BC, Alexander crossed the Hellespont with his Macedonian and Greek army and into the Persian Empire. The Iliad and Odyssey have been Alexander’s favorite books, and it was stated that he always carried a replica of them wherever he went. It was pure then, that he would want to visit the legendary metropolis. It was at Troy that Alexander pulled the protect of Achilles from off the wall of a small museum amid the ruins. Alexander discovered to understand the Iliad and nature from his teacher Aristotle, a Macedonian who studied in Athens at Plato’s Academy. Philip expanded Macedonian affect by diplomacy and by waging war.

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Crying out, “It does not matter the means it’s done!” Alexander took a swing with this sword, broke the rope, and pulled the oxcart away from the temple. At Granicus River, Alexander met the primary resistance to his invasion as he was blocked by a Persian military. The King of Persia at this time was Darius III. Darius was not overly involved concerning the younger Macedonian king, and was not current at this battle. Though he was virtually killed, Alexander rallied his military and defeated the Persians. Darius blamed the victory on his basic, he would make positive to be with his army on the next battle.

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