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Besides, Minoan religion required believers to be always clear. Sacred fountains, lustral basins for ritual bathing, and different purgatory services have been present in several palaces, cities, and other Minoan settlements subsequent to home rooms or near the entrances . In order to evaluation the position of water in sanitation and preservation of the general public health, antiquity texts from historic Greek and Roman literature have been gathered, related to philosophy, medication, architecture, and poetry. In parallel, many archeological evidences from all over Greece have been gathered and recorded for the same objective. Philosophy and all of the concepts and theories that ancient Greeks elaborated on the function of the water in human health have been the actual foundation for the event of hygiene technology from antiquity till these days. The PARTNERS IN MEDICAL PRACTICE ™ program was introduced to acknowledge companies providing advantages to our members and to our Society.

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The Classical interval is also described as the “Golden Age” of Greek civilization, and its art, philosophy, structure and literature can be instrumental in the formation and growth of Western culture. Alexander’s generals took his advice, and started to fight against each other, each basic making an attempt to carve out a big portion of the empire for himself. While his coffin was returning to Macedonia, the body was hijacked by Ptolemy, one of the Diadochi, and dropped at Alexandria, in Egypt, where it remained for years on show. In 301 BC, the Battle of Ipsus, in Asia Minor, involving a lot of the Diadochi, saw one of the successors, Antigonus, killed.

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