Hellenic Information Of America

After reuniting, they decided it was best to immigrate to the United States due to the poor high quality of life the refugees from Asia Minor and Thrace confronted. Greece was not equipped to deal with a wave of refugees this large, and so casual settlements have been developed to mitigate the crisis. Veniamin was in a place to immigrate through Ellis Island, the place he turned Benjamin, and settled in New York. However, Chryssanthy at the age of sixteen had to search passage by way of Canada to get to the United States. Due to the immigration legal guidelines at the time, Chryssanthy and Benjamin understood that they would not all have the ability to enter the United States at the identical time.

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Our white micro and macro aggressions created a tradition that has been painful and debilitating. The PWI board, faculty and administration are totally dedicated to the work of making a college that is anti-racist with an DEI focus. We have had an unconscious white lens and we are waking up around this and we’re devoted to change; to turning into an anti-racist group the place everyone’s reality is actually supported and encouraged. He suggested we talk about cultural appropriation each inside the group and publicly within the larger neighborhood. We organized a PWI school roundtable in the college and plan to submit responses.

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