Greece From The Approaching Of The Hellenes To Advert 14

The contribution of the Greeks of the diaspora in the battle of 1821 was decisive, as the numerous centers of Hellenism by means of the non secular, political, financial and numerical were all outdoors of the lands that comprised the primary Greek state. The Society of Friends (“Filiki Eteria”) was based in Odessa and the battle for freedom started in Moldovlachia. Many Greeks abroad participated and sacrificed themselves for this battle, while the Greek communities in Vienna, Paris, Bucharest, Iasi, Budapest, Trieste, Venice and other areas contributed spiritually and materially to the revolution. In the meantime, please think about making a donation to the AHC at this important time; something you’ll have the ability to contribute will go a great distance in guaranteeing the organization’s continued work. Valid information about the Greek group of Canada and extra, along with an important news and successes of Hellenism, is our on an everyday basis focus.

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