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Following Dr. Coryllos, Dr. I Regussis and Dr. Themistokles Mavrocardatos served as presidents of the Greek-American Intercollegiate Club. The membership continued its activities till 1945 when its president, Dr. Savvas Nittis, changed its name to the Hellenic University Club of New York we are conversant in right now. The Hellenic Film Society USA is proud to current the New York premiere of Smyrna, My Beloved concerning the destruction of the cosmopolitan city of Smyrna and its vibrant and affluent Greek community at the hands of the Turkish Army in 1922. There will be a special screening on Friday, April 29 at 7pm at the Directors Guild Theater in Manhattan.

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The writer has a natural present of interviewing individuals, catapulting her as a major information interviewer. Her dynamic “synergy” has introduced a fresh, new strategy to Greek American podcasts. “When you assist and uplift your community, you help your self,” believes Ms. Aphrodite Kotrotsios. “My first mentor is my father, Paul Kotrotsios, who helped me succeed,” She is a frontrunner of a cultural shift.

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