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His particular forces, the scythed chariots and elephants have been an enormous disappointment, making no distinction within the outcome. After the Battle of Granicus River, Alexander travelled alongside the coast, making sure these city-states were now on his aspect. Alexander couldn’t afford to go deep into the Persian Empire with enemies at his back. Next, Alexander marched inland to town of Gordion, the placement of the well-known Gordian Knot. It was mentioned that anyone who could take away the oxcart from the temple, by untying the knot, could be the king of the world.

Hellenic News Of America Celebrates Its Partnership With Greek Diaspora In America Published On: November 15, 2017

In 1915, the Anatolian and Pontian Greeks together with a myriad of different ethnic and spiritual minorities have been violently expelled from Asia Minor. Within a timeframe shorter than a 12 months, she experienced the unimaginable. The majority of the boys and boys in her household have been conscripted to the Ottoman Army.

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